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This shit better work


what if we all got paper lol
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I’ve reached 200 followers!!!

And It’s time to celebrate with a giveaway! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

And to make things different this time I’ve decided to give away one original entirely made for this occasion! This drawing was made on a canson textured paper with polychromos and gold paint, it its 25x17 cm and it can be yours!

So here are the rules!

  • Like or reblog this post.
  • You can like or reblog many times you want, but please be moderate.
  • You don’t need to be a follower.
  • By August 1st (Friday night) I’ll pick a winner with
  • You’ll need to have your ask open, so I can contact you.

Thank you for all the support here in these three years! Tumblr have been a happy place to be around and I’ve meet incredible people here!

See you Friday with the winner result! ;D

Good luck!!!


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Just in case the baby twin saints have not ruined your day yet. Or your life.

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Now it’s the turn of Howl’s moving castle :)

I’ve always loved this couple X3

Available as a print here

spirited away fanart

mononoke fanart

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Lil’ Bday gift-scrap for Eagiel! (was working on a mialba thingie, but then my body gave up on me) 

Actually, this is more like a cropped WIP, as I can’t work on the computer for too long but I wanted to draw at least something. I’ll finish it when I feel better!(;´・`)>

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Went over the lady seinto sketch in SAI as well.

sigh. I just love this bunch.

Dite ended up looking just like my sister (she be gorgeous) and Mil@ turned out as the spitting image of a girl who bullied me in elementary school. Ah well.

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This screenshot compelled me to do a re-draw. Omitted Marin’s arm and Aldebaran’s clothes. (because come on. He had bandages over his clothes and was wearing shoes to bed.)

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I have always thought of spiritbending as more of a shamanistic technique rather than a martial arts-move like other bending, mainly because it seems "learning" it only requires a stronger spiritual connection and because I don't see why would have spiritbending as a sub-art and not air. I thought it was more like how a priest chants over water to turn it into holy-water, or how a sutra can exorcise evil spirits. I thought any bender with a strong connection could spiritbend with any element.



And while it’s coo Bryke explained this to us, and it does make sense… I still think you’re going the wrong way, Bryke. So waterbenders are the only ones that can calm down spirits when things go wrong…? Nonono, this is just wrong. Not when it comes down to something that should be - dependant on spirituality, not type of bending. >.<

Unless each element has spiritbending, but each of them depends on something else, some relevant to the element in question. 

I do think there are techniques from the other elemental sets that can be used to deal with the spirits — Tenzin seemed to be trying to use one in The Guide, for instance, even if his lack of spiritual connection made it go over like a lead balloon.  But, I think waterbending’s advantage is a good way to show that the spirits are just as much a part of the world as humans are, and they’re bound by the same physical laws even if they’re made of pure energy.  No other bending form can control people, so why would that be the case for spirits too?

Integrating spirits into physical world like that is cool, but the thing is that they will always be separate from it if only because the two worlds were separate at the beginning*. I get that Bryke is basing on water being ever-present and connected to chi flow, but, heck, whole bending depends on chi flow! Water has advantages, but right now it has more advantages than disadvantages. It’s almost like Bryke chose an element to throw new techniques** into, called it good and went with that. Water isn’t the only element with healing properties in eastern culture, it isn’t the only element that could be used - and explained! - for controlling people, and it definately isn’t the only element with purification properties. I guess Bryke can still surprise me in many ways - and, lavabending, heck yes - but right now I’m disappointed. If the separation of the elements is only an illusion, and if bending is build on same properties everywhere, where did elements’ equality escaped to? 

* However we don’t know where the lion-turtles came from… so it’s hard to say anything really decisive here.  

** Well explained techniques, I give that to them, of course. 


Water has spiritbending as a sub-art rather than air because water is all about redirecting and altering the flow of another being’s energy.  In waterbending combat, it’s about the redirecting aggressive energy against oneself and using it against one’s opponent; in healing, it’s about promoting the flow of chi in another individual’s body; in bloodbending, it’s about forcibly seizing control over another person’s body; in bending removal, it’s about blocking off the flow of chi in another individual’s body; in spiritbending, it’s about changing a spirit’s chi from one form to another.

In each case, changing the energy of another is key… and water is the only element that can do that.  Chi is linked with the blood and, as such, is water-elemental; no matter how spiritual an airbender is, they can’t take control over it.

(I bet that, even when performed by an airbender with the requisite spirituality, the airbending technique wouldn’t be quite so cause-and-effect as the waterbending version.  Waterbending can directly change one form of energy into another; airbending probably just removes external dark influences)

Then I suppose I’m waiting for air/earth/fire based spiritbending based on those elements qualities. Water can shift another one’s chi, oookay, but I want other elements to be effective too. I want, dunno, white flames that can purge the spirits within seconds no matter their allegiance or something. This, or I may finally start to dislike Bryke’s choices.

As of now, my face looks like this:

Czytaj dalej

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Wait, Lin didn’t want to have kids? I forgot about that…

Yeah.  It was only mentioned in the commentaries, so it’s easy to forget about.

Ah, that explains why I didn’t know about it. I thought this was fandom made. ^_^”

Probably.  XD;

I guess Avatar State will appear sooner or later in the finale, so I guess Korra may have a conversation with Raava then - especially if she’ll be uncertain about what to do with Zaheer’s worldview. 

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